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Griggs Southern Sportz
Griggs Southern Sportz

Understanding Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Do you plan to buy used golf carts anytime soon? This article will help you understand everything you need to know about golf cart wheels and golf cart tires which are important parts of the cart. You can have a proper look at the wheels and tires before you purchase your vehicle to make the best buy.

Golf cart tires and golf cart wheels can simply serve their purpose or make your cart look customized. You can buy them separately or as a complete package and save money.

Golf Cart Tire

The standard size (non-lifted) golf cart tires are available in several sizes. The most common sizes range from 18″ Tall, 8″ to 9.5″ Wide, and fit on an 8″ or 10″ golf cart wheel.

In case you want to replace worn golf cart tires, you will find the numbers on the side of your tire.

Custom Golf Cart Wheels

By changing your plain white wheels to mirrored finished wheels you can get a totally different golf cart. You can save money by purchasing your custom golf cart wheels as a set.

Wheel and Tire Combo Kits

If you are in the process of buying a refurbished Club Car, you can go ahead and purchase the golf cart tires and wheels as a combo. There are high-quality, long-lasting Touring tires combined with a set of stunning chrome custom wheels. It will make a great pick as the wheels will class up the golf cart, also saving you money in the long run.

Chrome Golf Cart Wheels

The chrome wheels are the most popular golf cart wheels and the most expensive. They have a high-luster finish and are extremely durable. It is super easy to clean them by using non-abrasive cleaners and if maintained well, you can use the wheels for a lifetime.

Golf Cart Wheel Covers

Using golf cart wheel covers can provide a custom look for your vehicle without you having to pay for a set of custom wheels. Wheel covers are designed to virtually cover your whole wheel to make it look like a custom wheel. You will find plenty of them in chrome, black, silver or gold color and sizes are 8″ or 10.” The right golf cart tires and wheels can turn any ordinary-looking golf cart into a unique cart and reflect your style and personality.