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Griggs Southern Sportz
Griggs Southern Sportz

Southern Sportz Certified ReManufactured Program

At Southern Sportz, we build Custom Golf Carts differently to ensure they are not only beautiful but superior in every way. We’re in business to build the Best Custom Golf Carts, not the cheapest carts. No shortcuts here. Our motto is “Go Big or Go Home” so we do it right, or we just don’t do it at all.

At Southern Sportz LLC we pride ourselves in being one of the largest Custom Golf Cart Builders in the U.S. Our customers tell us its the small company mentality & the little things that bring them back to us. We take that same approach with our Certified ReManufactured Golf Cart Program, although your cart started in a fleet of 30 lease carts we purchased from a golf course. When they arrive by truck to our facilities in Texas we take each cart into the shop 1 by 1 inspecting every little thing. We can guarantee you we are the most through company in the business and make sure every cart that leaves our shop doors is the highest quality, most dependable, best looking Custom Golf Cart on the market.

You work hard for every dollar, and want to maximize the fun each dollar can afford. Club Car remanfucatured vehicles bring value and style at once. Take the headache and guesswork out of buying used with a Club Car that's been examined from the ground up and factory reconditioned.


Certified ReManufactured Program Inspections & Service

  • Inspect Frame For Damage and/or Defects 
  • Inspect Main Control Wiring Harness For Faults and Abrasions
  • Connect IQDM Computer to Controller, Check for Faults, Motor Revs, Throttle %, Etc
  • Set Speed, Torque, Computerized Braking, Etc to Customers Specifications
  • Inspect Steering Column, Mechanism & Yoke For Play 
  • Inspect Tie Rod & Ends
  • Inspect Battery Hold Downs , Battery Rods & Tray
  • Inspect All Body Trim; Including: Front Fascia, Side Skirts, Brow, Under Body, Etc
  • Electric carts - Install NEW Top of The Line Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Batteries; Apply Battery Coat Spray on Battery Terminals
  • Charge Batteries & Conduct Load Test
  • Lube Front Axle with Grease
  • Refill gear oil in rear differential
  • Check Front and Rear Bushings (Leaf Spring & Control Arm)
  • Check Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Steering & Bearings
  • Check, Clean & Adjust Brakes
  • Acid Wash Entire Aluminum Frame; Paint if Needed
  • Check & Adjust Front End Alignment
  • Replace All Medium Woren Parts or Worse Found In Inspections Above
  • Begin Build Of New Custom Cart
  • Install All Aftermarket Parts & Accessories Selected By Customer
  • Check Camber On Lift, Check & Adjust Aftermarket Tire Pressure
  • Check All Fittings & Attachments For Proper Tightness
  • Test Drive & Check all Functions
  • Perform Final Computer & Controller Diagnostics
  • Quality Assurance Technician Inspects Cart for Workmanship & Workorder Making Sure Cart is Complete
  • Clean Cart - Prepare For Shipping or Customer Pickup

Club Car used golf cart options provide excellent value

WARNING: If the guys where your buying your Re-Manufactured Custom Golf Cart doesn't START FROM HERE - Your buying from the wrong place !

NOTE: All parts showing Medium wear or above are replaced at the time of inspection, making every cart we build 90% brand new.  When purchasing a cart from Southern Sportz LLC, you understand that although each cart has been fully reconditioned there will still be parts, accessories, Etc that will have minor scratching and show use.

Most dealers today are cleaning up carts, painting them and calling it new or refurbished carts. WRONG! We stick to very strict inspection guidelines laid out above to ensure you are getting a great looking, durable, and quality cart at a COMPETITIVE PRICE.















Legal Statement:

Griggs Southern Sportz LLC cannot be held responsible for any misuse of a purchased Golf Cart that could result in bodily injury or even death of those involved.  It is the responsibility of the consumer to follow safety guidelines while operating the golf cart and to make sure that anyone else operating the cart is aware of how to safely use it.  It is also the consumer’s responsibility to learn the states guidelines and laws if a street legal golf cart is purchased and adhere to those while riding on the road.  As a consumer you agree to take full responsibility for the operation of your golf cart and not hold Griggs Southern Sportz LLC responsible for any misuse and handling that could result in bodily injury or death.