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Griggs Southern Sportz
Griggs Southern Sportz

> Phantom Elite Golfer Carts

Elevate style and comfort, whether you're on or off the course.  

Truly Personal

The Phantom Elite Golfer is the only personal transportation vehicle with extensive integrated custom options. From wheels to seats, colors to accessories,design a electric golf cart to suit your style and stand out while having fun. While the Phantom Elite Golfer probably won't improve your golf game, you will look dang good playing.

Legal Statement:

Griggs Southern Sportz LLC cannot be held responsible for any misuse of a purchased Golf Cart that could result in bodily injury or even death of those involved.  It is the responsibility of the consumer to follow safety guidelines while operating the golf cart and to make sure that anyone else operating the cart is aware of how to safely use it.  It is also the consumer’s responsibility to learn the states guidelines and laws if a street legal golf cart is purchased and adhere to those while riding on the road.  As a consumer you agree to take full responsibility for the operation of your golf cart and not hold Griggs Southern Sportz LLC responsible for any misuse and handling that could result in bodily injury or death.