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Griggs Southern Sportz
Griggs Southern Sportz

Shipping A Custom Golf Cart

Golf Carts loaded on an open transport trailer





Shipping your Custom Lifted Golf Cart.


We ship anywhere. We offer low prices and great shipping rates. Want to know more? Call 903-799-2000

Please note: we only ship the Custom Golf Carts that we sell. Buy one of our golf carts and we'll ship it to wherever you need it to go! No problem!

DETAILS: Not sure if you qualify for the golf carts free delivery deal?  Call us at 903-799-2000 and we'll get you that answer QUICKLY!

The REST of the US: Buyer pays for shipping and the price is based on a case-by-case situation (how much, how far, how fast, etc.) 

We have large network of experienced insure carriers available to get your golf cart purchase there on time and safely. We have shipped golf carts into every state so don't let being 1000 miles away fool you we can be very competitive shipping quotes.

Legal Statement:

Southern Sportz LLC cannot be held responsible for any misuse of a purchased Golf Cart that could result in bodily injury or even death of those involved.  It is the responsibility of the consumer to follow safety guidelines while operating the golf cart and to make sure that anyone else operating the cart is aware of how to safely use it.  It is also the consumer’s responsibility to learn the states guidelines and laws if a street legal golf cart is purchased and adhere to those while riding on the road.  As a consumer you agree to take full responsibility for the operation of your golf cart and not hold Southern Sportz LLC responsible for any misuse and handling that could result in bodily injury or death.